What participants had to say about their Hypnosis experience

Very positive experience !! Have had excellent success overcoming some issues I have been struggling with for years !!!    Pat, Spruce Grove

Within us we have the knowledge and strength to be in control of our internal eating monitor, we just need someone to help break through the barriers
and blocks. Thank you Birgit ! I am not a garbage can !!    Corena, Spruce Grove

I enjoyed it very much ! I have had much success with what we did. I know I will be able to do this after.    M.D.

I found the group dynamic helpful !!   S.D.

Virtual Gastric Band 

The Virtual Gastric Band is a remarkable Weight Reduction Program and one pioneered by Sheila Granger in the UK. As the name suggests, the system utilizes the concept of ' virtual ' gastric band and Clinical Hypnotherapy. It successfully harnesses the power that every idividual holds within them to make changes to their lives. Many clients have benefited from the Virtual Gastric Band Therapy.

So, what is it ?

The Virtual Gastric Band is a non-surgical technique which uses the power of hypnosis to retrain you

to be satisfied with smaller amounts of food. It changes how you think about food and gives very safe, very predictable results. The Clinical Hypnotherapy convinces the brain that the stomach is full after a certain level of intake, and that there is no need for more food.


It is most definitely NOT a diet - we know that diets only work in the short term. The Virtual Gastric Band allows you to eat what you want, but will enable you to intake smaller portions. And, because it is not a diet, you won't feel deprived, miserable or hungry, the issues which cause diets to fail. As the Virtual Gastric Band effectively negates those issues, you are left with a long term solution to your weight problem.

The medical procedure reduces the physical size of the stomach, and may achieve the same result, but the Virtual Gastric Band can be undertaken quickly and privately, without the lenghy delay of hospital waiting lists, and of course carries no costly invasive surgery, no risk and no ongoing medical treatment.


6 Session Hypnotherapy Program

We like to start your journey with a free Hypnotherapy consultation to see if the Virtual Gastric Band is a choice for you. 

Once you have decided that you would like to go ahead with the program we offer a prep session. This short session helps you to become familiar with how hypnosis feels and eliminates any anxiety or stress associated with the unknown. It aids your therapist in tailoring your sessions to your unique personality. 

During the first session you create in your mind the experience of undergoing the Gastric Band surgery. The following 4 weekly sessions expand on your experience and are completely tailored to your needs.


   $ 600.00             6 Session Program   
   includes workbook and MP3

               We accept cash, credit or e-transfer

This video explains how the medical Gastric Band surgery takes place in a hospital setting 

Vitual Gastric Band in the News

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