How many times haveYou tried to 

Quit Smoking and have failed ?

How many different methods have you tried ?

Do you feel like you are a slave to your habit ?

The good news is........ YOU can be a Non-Smoker in just One Session..... that's right ...... just One Session !! When you are ready to Quit Smoking, Hypnosis gives you the boost you need to stay on track. Hypnosis helps you to manifest the desire to Quit Smoking deep within your subconscious mind.

Sometimes more than one session is required, depending on many different factors. It is truly up to you to choose how much time you need to kick the habit.

You can now join the many people who stopped smoking by using Hypnosis. If you were successful previously using a group approach and have slipped back into the old habit, we welcome you and help you reconnect with your Non-Smoker lifestyle.

Don't use Hypnosis if you just want to try it out. You can not just try out your own mind....... it does not work that way. When you are ready ( and only YOU know when that is), you will have access to the power of your mind to be a Non Smoker. 

You surely know how toxic nicotine is to your body. You also know that smoking these days is socially no longer acceptable. You are the one who is sent outside in the winter to smoke, you are kicked out of restaurants and public areas, your breath and clothes smell unattractive .... YOU KNOW ALL OF THAT

When you choose to Quit Smoking by using Hypnosis you are making a commitment to yourself to change in a positive way. When you direct your mind to Quit Smoking, your body follows along. It is called the mind/body connection. In Hypnosis you are creating a very strong bond between the mind and body because you are directing your subconscious mind to Stop Smoking and your subconscious mind sends the message to your body.

So what should you expect ?


When you decide to go ahead with a Hypnotherapy Session, we will send you a questionnaire for you to fill out and send back. That gives us the information we need to tailor the session to your needs. Surely, you don't want to spend your time in the office answering questions, when you could be using the same time to change your life. There will be a short interview which helps the Hypnotherapist to determine the best way to guide you into hypnosis. You will feel very relaxed and alert. Usually you will remember everything. There might be times when your mind drifts off, but that is okay as every word spoken reaches your subconscious mind. You will leave with an assortment of techniques that you can use to control cravings and manage your new life style.

Your Hypnotherapist is trained to find the best approach for your individual needs to be most effective. 

A MP3 audio is sent to you via dropbox or google drive. The MP3 audio will have the familiar voice of your Hypnotherapist and contains key points from your individual session.

We believe in the effectiveness of our program so much that we offer a free month long support. This includes up to 3 booster sessions should they be required. 

                                 ( To be taking within the first month of the initial stop smoking session and subject to availability ).

   $ 300.00      Stop Smoking Session                             
               includes CD for reinforcement

       we accept cash, credit and e-transfer

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